president car bullet proof

The President’s Ride

The limo known as “The Beast” or “Limo One”, is a Cadillac that could probably drive through a war zone with less effort than it takes you to drive to the grocery store. The limo shares almost nothing in common with a standard production car, so just what is the president’s limo made out of? For starters, it has a diesel engine and transmission that you would most likely find in a dump truck or a U-Haul truck.

How Strong is Limo One?

It has enough power to obviously get a large vehicle with a heavy payload moving, which means this vehicle has to have more torque than any average vehicle on the road. You could probably use it at a construction site effectively if you added a trailer hitch to it. It’s also more durable than any vehicle you would find there. Its five-inch windows could likely outlast the body of most vehicles. It has 8-inch armor plating and the doors are just as heavy as a Boeing 757 aircraft’s. It also has Kevlar reinforced bus-size tires that can run while flat and it is shut off from the world from the inside so not even chemicals can get in.

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Is It Like A Spy Car?

In some senses it is, for reasons mentioned above, but it does not have pop-out machine guns as far as we can tell. It does however have enough equipment in the trunk to outfit a small army. It can also seat seven passengers so you can take that army with you. And since seven isn’t always enough, the secret services has made a few other similarly equipped vehicles. Drivers of this mighty steed are trained with police-style evasion techniques and can make this weighty vehicle move like a sports sedan. It could definitely take on a tank, or the zombie apocalypse. In fact, it’s probably an integral part of that pentagon plan for a zombie attack.

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